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Outer Banks Vacation Rentals

Whether you're looking for new furniture or just a good, clean OBX vacation rentals, we always keep a fresh list of rentals for you.

I have been going to the outer banks for 7 years now. I love the open air and how the sea breeze makes me feel. I wish I could move to the outer banks, but I can't. I guess I will just have to stay there whenever I can.

My daughter loved the outer banks this year. She is only two years old, but she really loves the water. I couldn't get her to go in the ocean very often, but she enjoyed the sand. I think that she will like everything better next year. I also think I will get her a kite next year. She is a little too young to fly it right now, but I think she will have a ball with it next year. I think it'll be a stunt kite...that way dad can also enjoy the kite.

There lots different place you can find, but I always go to VacaGetaways.  You can find the website here. A lot of people go to individual rental companies to fund their vacation rental, but I like to go there because they have lots of different rental homes in one location. You can even filter your search by bedrooms, bathrooms, view, game rooms, and much more.

The biggest problem I have with going to one rental company is that you are very limited to the selection that you can choose from. You might know how many bedrooms you want to rent, but you're going to be limited by the selection that that one company has.   At best, you have about 1000 different rental properties to look through.

There are lots of different ways to book an Outer Banks rental. Sometimes you can find some very good local deals. Individuals can be persuaded easier to lower the price then if you’re dealing with a large company.   Make sure you read the reviews for the property before you make your purchase. You should always look for lots of pictures, a great description, in a list of all the amenities on location. If you don’t feel comfortable with the listing then you should never call to talk about property.

Sometimes price is not the most important thing. If you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach, try to get a house that is not too far from the ocean. Another thing to think about, is do you want to have a large kitchen or do you want to have a lot of room for your kids to play.

If you take your time when searching for the perfect rental you have a much more enjoyable vacation. And if your vacation is more enjoyable you will have a much happier family. Which leads to much more enjoyment!

Do you wish you could find the very best rental. I love everything about the OBX. I think you will too. What type of rental do you want? I love to stay in homes that have a private pool, private hot tub, and private everything. I want my vacation to feel like a vacation. I thought about staying in a hotel. I just couldn't get past the fact that I couldn't have a kitchen and my very own place to go. That is the reason I have to live in a rental home on the beach.